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HOW TO COOK EASY AND HEALTHY FRENCH FRIES - Recipes, tips, and all things kitchen for any level of chef
20 November, 2017


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Who doesn’t love French fries? However, there is a difference, how it is prepared, it can be very harmful to health. Unfortunately, if we buy the finished fries in restaurants, fast food or cafe, it is usually fried in low quality oil that is used again many times, and, besides, cooking is always at high temperatures.

However, you should not completely abandon its use. In this article we will tell you how to cook French fries at home in three different ways, so that it was healthier and lighter than usual, with less harmful effects on your health.
Fries you sell to us in restaurants and cafes.
Order the French fries were healthier, the first step that needs to be done is to cook it at home by yourself, because it’s the only way to ensure its quality. This will allow you to eat it more often with other dishes. So try to avoid it as often as possible when eating out. French fries are usually sold in restaurants or fast food chains. And this is precisely the fries are harmful for the following reasons: it is fried in the oil of low quality (in that which is called the culinary fats, which is composed of transgenic soy and other vegetable-origin fats), which turns into TRANS fats when cooking at high temperatures, and which can be toxic to your body. This oil is usually used many times. French fries in restaurants has a very high fat content because it is fried in plenty of oil. This potato actually is a mixture of mashed potatoes and other unhealthy ingredients. Contains a lot of refined salt. All of the following characteristics contribute to the deterioration of health: increases the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. On supporting the development of obesity and cellulite. Overwork the liver and kidneys. Worsens blood pressure and retained fluid. Causes increased acidity, which is cause of diseases.
The basic steps for making good French fries.
In order to cook delicious and healthy French fries, you should follow these rules: purchase potato of high quality, if possible. Use olive oil. Season with sea salt, but not too much. Do not use Teflon dish for frying, for example, ceramic, glass, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.
1. French fries without acid culinary trickthat originates from the Eastern countries, is to add a few plums to the oil to neutralize large amounts of acid, which is absorbed when fried. This is an exceptional medicinal product with many useful properties. These plums absorb some of the toxic substances without altering the taste of fried foods. You should not, there are plums that have been roasted, although fresh plums you can eat after any meal to counteract the harmful effects of fried foods.
2. Baked potato fries. Cut potatoes into cubes, just as you do when going to fry it and put it on the baking tray. Before baking, be sure to fill it with plenty of olive oil, as a result, they will be crispy. In this case, you will get the baked fries, which will be identical to the type of roast in the pan, but with much less oil content.
3. Boiled and roasted potatoes. Another way to cook potatoes that would not have absorbed a lot of oil, is in its preliminary boiling in water for ten minutes. Cut potatoes into cubes, as for frying, but before you boil it, so he lost his hardness. After let well drained that no water got in the hot oil.
Recommendations proper use of French fries.
Potatoes contains lots of starch, that’s why we recommend you always to combine it with vegetables (salads, fruits) and protein (meat, fish, eggs, beans) to improve digestion. In addition, if you combine these products, the consequences of their consumption will be much healthier for your body. However, we recommend to combine French fries with other products that contain starch or flour, such as sandwiches, pizza, pasta, etc. because it will hamper the digestion, preatomic your body and will contribute to the creation of unwanted fat.

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