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Princess Mimi: setting up a room for girls - Recipes, tips, and all things kitchen for any level of chef
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28 December, 2017

Princess Mimi: setting up a room for girls

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Arrangement of the children causes the parents a lot of problems, because for a child his room is the entire world. Bedroom-games for girls is significantly different from all the others, in particular, from the boys ‘ room. It is sweeter and brighter with the soft and cute items. Palette of pink and cream to orange and red said that there lives a girl. When she becomes a teenager, her room becoming more feminine.

The main thing for girls

When the family, a girl, parents tend to grow up a Princess. First, what is air nature of the child, is her room. The design is based on soft pastel shades — cream, pink, white with possible patches of bright colour.

In the room, of course, lots of toys, cute accessories and traditional decorations on the furniture, the crib, Baldinini over her. It’s bows, ruffles, the sun and the stars on the ceiling, a lot of stylized flowers, hearts and dolls. Girls love the small details, bows and dolls and babies. An interesting addition will be the butterflies, bears, bunnies, hanging from the canopy, curtains, and other textiles.

The choice of color

Through color the little girl perceives the world. Delicate little creature for romantic shades such as pink and innocent white. But that doesn’t mean the room should be all pink or red color that some active babies can be exhausting. Child suitable alternative pastel colors — peach, light green, lilac. Do not be afraid of blue and green hues, believing that the girl they fit. On the contrary, in combination with white, yellow, gray and sand color “boy” palette looks very good. It is especially suitable for those babies who in their physical activity sometimes outperform boys. Sometimes in this case, in the design of “girly” room should give preference to delicate blue color.

The zoning

First of all, the sleeping area. For babies it is most important. The bed should be with a cushion to protect the baby from falling. It is located in the center of the room and constantly attracts of the child. The play area is no less important especially when the girl grows up. Therefore, it is necessary to rationally design a storage system for toys. But the storage area is a special area zoning. After all, things (and there are many) should be available and not interfere with the game. Therefore, the cabinets and komodiki have the walls of the nursery.

Room for teenage girls

A teenage girl needs a completely different interior. She grew up and requires a more adult approach to the design of the bedroom. Now the room becomes more challenging personal space that meets their new needs and interests. The room more resembles a small office. And if not for the bed, the room could be considered the main place for guests of classmates of the young mistress. Bed for a teenager, unlike the little girl is secondary. Often it is at the wall, and sometimes hidden in modern furniture storage system. Then the main interior be a Desk, sofa or chairs in different colors and shapes, equipment for daily workouts and a large mirror.

The storage system

The teenager is usually more than the baby. And therefore it is necessary to efficiently place in the room shelves for books, cabinets for clothes and other things, drawers for clothes and a bedside table. Important for teenage girls and a dressing table: it’s a symbol of her growing up. All furniture should be functional, because from 12 to 16 years is the age when the main occupation for girls is learning, but there are Hobbies that, because of their age are often subject to change, but require space. Therefore, to make the bedroom boudoir should not. The bed looks like an attribute of the bedroom, not the office. So even a sofa often choose folding up to save space.

Working area

Area for learning is a very personal place, and registration must be presented to the owner of the room. Usually this is near a window with daylight. It is important that around the desktop had some free space to implement than learning preferences of the child, which is still not as big and spends a lot of time in games. Next to the table it is advisable to place the racks or shelves that take up little space.

The lighting in the room

The room should be light. The teenager is studying, a lot of time on reading, Hobbies (knitting, sewing, crafts, etc.) and should not strain your eyes. So it would be good to arrange several light sources: the Central chandelier, table lamp on the table, a sconce near the bed, a floor lamp near the sofa and spot lighting in the event of reception of guests.

Decor and accessories

Details for teenage girls differ from the registration of the nursery. This is a more adult stuff. It is therefore important to provide space and not to clutter the space. Teenagers love posters, paintings, pictures on the walls. No longer toys, but there are gadgets and textile fantasy. If there is a bed, the canopy can be decorated with beautiful fancy draperies. If the room is a chair, something that no one else has. This particular design option, or something unusual, like fur or textile bag for the seat.

Two girls in the room

The placement of the two sisters in the same room is a problem whose solution requires a lot of creativity from adults. When they are small, questions arise: they are interested together. And grown up girls can have completely different interests, taste preferences, not to mention various friends. It is important not to separate the color and design of each half of the room, and apply other design elements. The best option is synchronicity in the design. If twin beds, are decorated, the same applies to work places and play areas. But the storage system must be located in different places of the room for each girl separately. Ideal – furniture transformers. This modern and comfortable. Option instead of chairs — colored pillows on the sofa or on the carpet if he is in the room.

Tips on arrangement of the room

  • Even if you love carpets, refrain from them in children’s rooms. Don’t forget that it’s a dust collector. Well, if you abandon the carpet is impossible, choose from hypoallergenic materials. Natural wood also collects dust and is usually covered with natural cracks, clogged with dust.
  • Furniture items must be without sharp corners.
  • Metal handles, hinges, etc. it is better to replace plastic. The furniture should not have glass that can break.
  • Doors in the nursery it is better to put blank, with no glass — this will enable the child to have the best vacation and save space.
  • The upper tier above the bed for toys, where the child spends time should be with the rim – this is a safety issue.
  • Things that the child enjoys on a daily basis, should be placed in a box, not on high shelves is for the child and develops independence.
  • It is important that the edge or the gaming table was at chest level of the child, and the knees propped up the table. To calculate the height of the chair. It is a question of good posture.
  • Many ideas for the decoration of the entire home you will find in our section “Interior“.

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