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9 January, 2018

Sbiten rye

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Сбитень ржаной

This sbiten is made on the basis of rye bread. A constant ingredient is the honey. And of course, the aroma of the drink will add spices: cinnamon, star anise, cloves, nutmeg and ginger.

Description of preparation:

Will tell you how to cook sbiten rye at home. For starters, rye bread dry in the oven. Then pour boiling water over and let stand until cool. Fluid drain and simmer, adding spices and honey. You can also add lemon juice and finely chopped ginger. Drink to your health!


  • Rye bread — 500 Grams
  • Water — 2 Liters
  • Honey — 0,5 Liter
  • Cinnamon — 1 to taste
  • Star anise — 1 to taste
  • Cloves 1 to taste
  • Nutmeg — 1 to taste

Number of servings: 5-6

How to make “rye Sbiten”

Сбитень ржаной
Brown bread slice and toast them in the oven.

Сбитень ржаной
Crackers put in a bowl and fill with boiling water. When the liquid has cooled – it needs to drain.

Сбитень ржаной
Pour the liquid into a saucepan, add the honey and spices. Bring to the boil and remove from heat.

Сбитень ржаной
Sbiten strain through a sieve.

Сбитень ржаной
You’re done! Be healthy!

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