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15 January, 2018


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Lapshevnik (or wop) is prepared from boiled pasta, hence the name. The dish was kind of casserole, you need to use the binder ingredients, the egg or the cheese, of course.

Description of preparation:

Today I will tell you how to cook lapshevnik. This recipe is basic, that is, it contains two main components: pasta and eggs. To diversify lapshevnik easy enough to add cheese, greens, tomatoes or cottage cheese and you will get a new taste! Try and cook for health!


  • Noodles — 220 Grams (or pasta)
  • Egg — 2-3 Pieces
  • Salt — to taste
  • Ground black pepper — to taste
  • Milk — 1 Cup

Servings: 4

How to cook “Lapshevnik”

Prepare the foods. The number of eggs can vary depending on how much the increase in the amount of noodles or pasta after cooking. It is desirable that the milk-egg mass covered the whole casserole.

Put water for pasta, add salt and boil them until tender. Drain in a sieve. Milk mix with eggs and salt, a pinch of pepper.

Cooked pasta put in a refractory form. The oven heat to 180 degrees.

Pour milk-egg mixture and place in oven for 20 minutes.

Lapshevnik ready! Cut with a sharp knife into slices and serve hot. Bon appetit!

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