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Running in the winter on the street: rules and errors - Recipes, tips, and all things kitchen for any level of chef
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24 January, 2018

Running in the winter on the street: rules and errors

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acc 5 - Running in the winter on the street: rules and errors

Running is a universal sport, regardless of the weather and climate. And winter, that is no reason to postpone your running shoes in the closet and suspend sports activities. Running in the winter is fundamentally different from the other seasons. Jogging is necessary and useful to do it in winter, as besides the fact that you are training your muscles, you also harden your body.

What will you run in the winter in addition to training the body?

  • Steel hardened body. Gradually, the body begins to get used to the cold and you’ll be easier to tolerate freezing temperatures.
  • The development of the respiratory tract. When running winter clothes cold air helps to increase the functional capacity of your respiratory tract (it’s getting a greater volume of the lungs, the lung walls thicken)
  • Strengthening the immune system. Increase the protective function of the confrontation of different infectious diseases and a person is very rarely sick.
  • The improvement of blood composition. When running in the winter cold air causes the liquefaction of the blood, thereby reducing the risk of clogging of blood vessels. In addition, there is an active saturation of blood with oxygen, which is so lacking in the winter.
  • A surge of strength and energy for the day. In the frosty air contains a large amount of negatively charged particles — ions. They contribute to the bracing condition of the person.

The main rules for winter running

  • The temperature on the street. Winter in different parts of the country has different temperatures and weather conditions. It is recommended to start the “winter race” to more comfortable temperatures. Not recommended for -20 to enjoy winter running as it can adversely affect the respiratory system and on human health in General.
  • The most important thing for running in winter clothing. The main focus should be layering. The use of several layers can properly and efficiently allocate generated when running sweat and heat, while avoiding as unnecessary overheating of the body, and unwanted exposure. At a temperature of -10 used underwear – it to provide air circulation, allowing it to “dry up” sweat and maintaining an optimal body temperature, not allowing the body to hypothermia.
  • Place for Jogging in winter also plays a big role. It is recommended to choose to run closed spaces – parks with densely growing trees, the leeward side of hills, slopes or streets with densely standing houses, trying to stay closer to them.
  • Also, when running in the winter you need to remember that if there are any signs of SARS and influenza, the run should be postponed until final recovery.
  • Before you run be sure to do a light workoutfor muscles and joints.
  • To save yourself from chapping before the winter run it is recommended to apply special cream from the weather and protective lip balm.
  • Winter running also depends on the degree of training of the athlete. If you don’t have special hardening, Jogging you should start with a brief (10-15 minutes), each time increasing the time by 5 minutes.
  • Novice athletes to run better just after a day or two times a week. So, you do not risk to burden your muscles and joints.
  • Definitely for winter running you need to breathe through the nose. If nasal breathing enough, then you run correctly. If not enough, and part of the air you take by mouth, then slow down.
  • Don’t necessarily need to take a water bottle with a run. Recommend before Jogging in the winter to drink a few SIPS of warm water.

e65 2 - Running in the winter on the street: rules and errorsRunning In The Winter. Rules and errors © depositphotos.com

The most common mistakes in winter running

  • Correctly matched clothes and shoes. Inexperienced runners usually dress too warm, a couple of miles it is getting hot and heavy. It is recommended to focus on the fact that when you just go out in your running clothes should be cool. If you warm, while running, will definitely be hot. Shoes for winter running, you need to choose for strength and comfort. It should be shoes that repel water so as to avoid getting wet feet.
  • Cold. To avoid a cold, you need to remember that when winter running is necessary to breathe through the nose, and in any case through the mouth. Also, you need to run regularly, beginning in the fall, so that the body could adapt to new conditions.
  • Be constantly on the move. If you do not make stops while running, no cold not terrible. But what if you’re hot? Recommend that you reduce the tempo of your run or go for a quick walk.
  • Safety Jogging. When winter Jogging is recommended to think in advance the route where there is lighting.
  • Not properly chosen running technique. To avoid injury, choose the optimal place to run: in advance make sure the surface is smooth and not covered with ice. To keep the balance and reduce the load on the muscles of the legs, try to put a foot on the whole foot, not the heel or the toe.


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