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Cakes, pan-fried - Recipes, tips, and all things kitchen for any level of chef
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5 February, 2018

Cakes, pan-fried

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Пирожки, жареные на сковороде

Who doesn’t like traditional cakes, pan-fried, which so often serves mothers and grandmothers. If you think this is too complicated a dish, then this recipe is just for you.

Description of the preparation:

Cakes, pan-fried, is a great snack or picnic. Cook them a lot easier than many people think. The possibilities for toppings are literally endless. They can be meat, potato or even sweet. The main thing – is to properly knead the dough, and then the only question is the availability of ingredients and your own imagination.


  • Milk — 1 Cup
  • Dry yeast — 1 Piece
  • Egg — 1 Piece
  • Sugar — 1 teaspoon
  • Salt — 0.5 teaspoons
  • Vegetable oil — 4-5 Art. spoons
  • Flour — 3-4 Cups

Number of servings: 20-25

How to make “Patties, pan-fried”

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
1. Recipe pies, pan-fried, beginning, of course, with the test. The milk should warm a bit and add to it sugar and a packet of dry yeast. All mix thoroughly until the sugar and yeast has dissolved and add to the bowl with a small amount of flour.

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
2. At this stage, you need to send the dough in a warm place, after covering with a clean towel. It should stand for 15-20 minutes.

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
3. In a separate bowl beat the egg slightly and add salt. Send the egg to the dough.

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
4. You can now add vegetable oil and mix the dough.

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
5. Gradually add flour, stirring the dough. When the dough begins to thicken, you can move it on the table and knead thoroughly by hand.

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
6. The prepared dough can be postponed for a while and give him some “rest” or to proceed.

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
7. A sharp knife is necessary to slice the dough into small equal size pieces.

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
8. Each piece must be carefully stretch his hands, forming a round pancake. Upload the resulting pellet is better on the floured surface.

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
9. Now is the time to send in the dough filling. It can be anything – mashed potatoes, steamed cabbage, rice with minced meat, fresh or canned fruit. Gently spread the filling to the center of the dough and seal the edges.

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
10. The pan pour vegetable oil and heat it well. Pies to send to the pan seam side down.

Пирожки, жареные на сковороде
11. When the patties become Golden, flip them over and fry on the second side. Cakes, pan-fried, home prepared. They can put on a paper towel to drain excess oil and cool slightly. You can then bring to the table.

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