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27 February, 2018

Ahorasuena: interesting facts about sex and relationships

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About sex we know a lot and a little at a time. And it is such a wonderful niche that has virtually no informational boundaries. In the same way as sexual life each of us has its limits, which is more useful to extend.

For example, did you know that:

  • People who smell good automatically become attractive to us sexually. Remember, these scents toilet water, which are heard at passing men on the street and already dreaming about your wedding.
  • Food is the most powerful aphrodisiac – ginger. It also improves nutrition of the heart and gives thus before a stormy night.
  • More men are experiencing a breakup than women. Not sure if they also listen to sad songs Iryna Bilyk girlfriends and ask, “Well why?!” but the fact remains.
  • Studies show that men and women cannot be just friends. Yeah, pretty controversial statement, but I got cut off: it is unlikely your friend would refuse to have sex if you will give him.
  • The sperm can be viewed as a tool against aging, as it has a lifting effect. No wonder the sperm is added to creams for the face, and some specially made mask of, say, fresh product.
  • If a man suffers from insomnia, at night he is more sexually active. As would be logical: what else to do, if in DotA you don’t play and want to act?
  • During sex a mental state akin to the buzz from the drug is achieved through the action of the hormone endorphin. And if in tandem with drugs… But no, here I’m not advocating, of endorphins from sex will be enough.
  • Some people get Horny from thinking about food just the same as thinking about sex. And it’s true. When being hungry, you think about mom’s food, you’re ready for anything. In principle, not only about her food – thinking about the cheeseburger is also excited consciousness.
  • The shelf life of a condom in an average of 2 years. There is nothing to add. Pay no attention to that, if you want the condom was lubricant and it fell apart.
  • Sex has beneficial effects on the immune system – provided that you do it regularly, at least 2 times a week. Do them at least twice a week.
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  • Sex lasting more than 37 minutes is not fun. Also a controversial statement. Here how anyone.
  • Sex is 10 times more effective than Valium. I don’t think a large number of people use that sedative and hypnotic, but just know that sex is more effective than Valium.
  • Hair removal in the bikini area depth increases the chances of Contracting a sexually transmitted infections. Thanks for the warning, but no hair still, more hygienic and more aesthetic.
  • Sex ends with an orgasm 75% of men and only 29% of women. And this is important. It is important that you study your body, develop the muscles of the vagina and is not silent in bed. Explain to the man how is better if you don’t want to be left with nothing.
  • 1% of women can reach orgasm just from breast fondling, no sex. And it’s really only 1% of women (which nobody knows).
  • Getting an orgasm is more than 4 times a week, a man in 10 times reduces the likelihood of prostate cancer. So you have extra incentive to bring the man pleasure you prevent serious illness. Feel like a Savior.
  • When we wear heels, our priest is 25% more noticeable. And not only the priest, by the way.
  • Most sexually transmitted infections have no symptoms during the first 3-5 years. Don’t forget to regularly visit the gynecologist. And remember that a man can be just a carrier of various infections. Even with a regular partner you need to consistently be checked. And buy in a pharmacy such drugs as Chlorhexidine and Miramistin antiseptic and may these will be your purse along with a lipstick, comb and of course condoms.
  • In women after 40 orgasm happens more often than the young. Experience, trained muscles and skills. After 40 years of life do not end there.
  • Women with high levels of testosterone are more prone to Masturbation. As if someone said “I don’t do that”. All those involved.

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